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The End Of The F***ing World - Season 2

Channel 4/Netflix Clerkenwell Films - April 2019

During April 2019 some scenes from The End Of The F***king World Season 2 were filmed on site at Trallwm Forest Cottages. The scenes focused around Heron cottage and the surrounding forest.

Adapted from Charles Forsman’s comic books and written by Charlie Covell the series focuses on two teenagers, played by Alex Lawther and Jessica Barden, on wild, unusual and often violent journey. After critical acclaim, with a huge fan following, a second series was commissioned by Channel 4 and Netflix. The show was created by Clerkenwell Films/Dominic Buchanan Productions for Channel 4 and Netflix. Series 2 was directed by Lucy Forbes and Destiny Ekaragha.

Over the course of 3 weeks the cottage was transformed into ‘Leigh’s House’ the forest cabin home of the main character’s Alyssa’s Aunt Leigh, played by Alexandra Riley. The construction teams and art department decorated the interiors, built a false fitted kitchen, changed lighting and even removed the fencing. Once this transformation was complete the filming could then begin. Around 50 crew members including actors, camera crew and caterers descended on the forest. Some staying in our cottages on site and some staying locally.

The entire crew were very professional and highly skilled in each particular aspect of the production.

The End Of The F****ing World Season 1 is available to watch on Channel4 and Netflix and Season 2 is available of Channel 4 now and will be on Netflix in 2020.

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Rose - Feature Film

Bone Garden Films, Mini Productions - January/February 2019

During January and February 2019 the feature film ‘Rose’ was filmed at Trallwm Forest Cottages for around 4 weeks.

Written by Matt Stokoe, (Misfits, Jamestown) who also plays the lead role Sam stars opposite Rose, played by Sophie Rundle (Peaky Blinders, Gentlemen Jack, Bodyguard)  The film focuses on a couple living alone, isolated in a forest concealing Rose’s vampire type disease of a thirst for blood.

Directed by Jennifer Sheridan and presented by Sara Huxley and April Kelly of Mini Productions, Bone Garden Films, The Development Partnership, Great Point Media and Field Park Films.

Over the 4 weeks the art departments transformed the interiors of Trawsgyrch cottage – boarding up windows, decorating. Siskin cottage also had a full exterior overhaul including adding a porch. The Welsh weather brought heavy snow which made travelling around our large site difficult. The crew were entirely professional and fantastic to work with

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